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For 12th Passed Students


For 12th Passed Students


For 11th and 12th Appearing ( Integrated with Boards )


For 11th and 12th Appearing ( Integrated with Boards )


1) Teaches in an experimental way with an excellent way of delivering the topic which he is teaching so that you can have feel for the subject and starts visualizing the subject in a natural way.

2) It starts from a very basic level and goes to the highest level in a proper scientific and planned manner so that the level of the student raises step by step to the highest level of competitive examination.

3) Individual attention given to each and every student and ensures not a single student is left out.

4) Encourage to ask questions and teach in an interactive way,

5) Encourage students to participate in the class rather than a one-sided lecture delivering.

6) He makes sure that every student grasps the basics in a proper manner and puts in a lot of effort to ensure that not a single concept is left out.

7) Proper speed of course throughout the session so that he finishes the course by February so that students have a lot of time to revise the full course in the remaining 2 months and can deliver the best at the time of examination.

8) Separate doubt clearing sessions are allotted to each and every student so that the students who can not ask the doubts in class due to many reasons can ask the doubts in one to one way from the teacher.


9) Parent-Teacher Meeting ( PTM ) is arranged on a regular basis so that the guardian can evaluate the progress of their child.


10 ) Regular SMS service is available to inform the guardian about the progress of course and the progress of their child, both.


1) Clear cut and through basic concepts and in-depth knowledge about the subject especially explaining the theory part integrating it with day to day experiences.


2) Expert in numerical solving techniques.


3) Teaches many short tricks to solve numerical which not only saves your time but also gives you the correct answer.


4) Teaches the essence of the subject so that one can start visualizing the subject.  



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