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1. Best Study Material prepared by a team of experienced IITians keeping in mind the requirements of the modern - day students. There are separate study materials for IIT JEE ( Advance and Mains ) and NEET.

2. The Study Materials are the best in all over India ( Yes !!!!! Much better than study material of many branded coaching institutes, registering national presence ).

3. The Study Package covers the complete syllabus from IIT - JEE ( Advance + Mains ) and NEET.

4. It contains more than 7000 problems of increasing order of difficulty so that student can scientifically increase their standards.
5. The study material gives in-depth coverage with detailed theory.
6. Illustrative interspersed in the theory for clarity in the application of concepts.
7. In-text exercises at regular intervals enable the practice of concepts learned.
8. The Most valuable points ( MVP ) are included, highlighting the key concepts.
9. Exercise with questions graded in three-level based on toughness. They are easy, moderate, and difficult levels.
10. Subtopic - wise categorization of questions in the first two exercises enables self-study and practice.
11. Least attempted Questions ( LAQ ), the trickiest question in the previous year's entrance examination.
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