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1. Free Online computer based test ( CBT ). CBT is available 24 X 7 and can be given anytime, at the time of convenience of a student anywhere from the world.

2. Offline Tests are also taken on a regular basis so that student can have a proper pen and paper experience before facing and actual competitive examination.

3. The tests are available in 5 modes. They are

a. Easy

b. Moderate

c. Difficult 

d. Very Difficult

e. Mixed so that student can have a range of real time practice of the environment of examination.

4. The Tests are designed exactly similar to the pattern of IIT JEE and NEET and of the same standards to IIT JEE and NEET. The environment created is the same as that of a competitive examination.

5. The results of the test instantly available.

6. The solutions to the questions asked in the test are also available instantly so that the students can match the exact methods of solving the question.

7. The tests analysis is also given instantly so that student can see their actual position and assess their standards, where they stand. The analysis includes both graphical as well as in report form.

8. The analysis includes:

a. Total Marks obtained

b. No. of correct questions

c. No. of wrong questions

d. No. of unattempt questions

e. Total Time given for each correct answer

f.  Total time is given for each wrong answer

g. Time wasted without giving answer

h. Strong Areas

i. Weak Areas

j. A full summary of the test, both in graphical and report form.

9. Students have a good rehearsal of exam with a proper examination environment  many times before facing the actual competitive examination.

10. If you do well in the tests you are sure to get through the competitive examination of your choice.

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