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This is Most Importent Video Lectures 

                          Watch this Video.

                  VECTORS :-

                 * Type Of Vectors
                 * Representation
                 * Modulus , Unit
Some Importent Video

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1 ) Free Video Lectures for coaching students in their app which can be watched anytime, anywhere from the world. If you miss a class you can see the video lectures and get on par with the class level. 

2 ) The video lectures are available on their app 24 X 7 and can be watched anywhere from the world at your convenient time.

3 ) His videos contain detailed concepts in very simple words which truly replicate the exact class environment.

4 )  Section Summaries cover key definitions, examples, and procedures from each section.

5 ) The format provides distance-learning students with comprehensive video instruction for each section in the book but also allows students needing only small amounts of review to watch instruction on a specific skill or procedure.

6 ) It is a combination of technology with a traditional touch of teaching.

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